Mass Floor Area Schedule

This post is a continuation of the previous post, Conceptual Mass. Here we will take the conceptual mass we created and generate a schedule of the floors, each floor’s square footage and the total square footage of the mass (soon to be building).

Open up the mass file that you just created, or feel free to use any other mass that you may have lying around. Go to the 3D view and select the mass, and the ribbon will change to Modify | Mass. Select the Mass Floors tool.

Mass Floors

You will then be faced with the Mass Floors dialogue box. Simply select all of the floors as shown below. Hit OK. This will create a “mass floor” at a point at which a level intersects the mass. You can select the roof level, but it will not make a difference in this case because there is no “mass” above that point so Revit will not create a floor there. However, if the mass extends above the roof level, a mass floor will be created – so don’t bother massing the parapet walls if you want accurate floor areas.

Mass Floor Dialogue Box

The mass should look something like this:

Mass with Floors

Press escape a bunch of times. On the View tab, go to Schedules > Schedule / Quantities button.


The New Schedule Dialogue box will pop up and chose Mass > Mass Floors from the list on the left. Name the schedule whatever you like, you can always change it later on in life. Leave everything else as-is and hit OK. Now for the Schedule Properties. The list on the left contains potential available properties to add to the schedule while the list on the right (hopefully¬†it is more less blank) contains the fields that you added to the schedule. Select Level and click on the Add –> button. Select Floor Area and click on the same Add –> button. Your properties should look like the image below. Don’t hit OK just yet.

Schedule Properties

Switch to the Sorting/Grouping tab. On the bottom, check Grand totals and choose Title and totals. Next, go to the Formatting tab. In the Fields column on the left side, choose Floor Area and check “Calculate totals”.

Schedule Properties 2

You may or may not want a comma for your numbers that have more than 3 digits. If you do want the commas, click on the Field Format… button (as seen in the image above). Un-check “Use project settings” and select “Use digit grouping”. Hit OK! The view will automatically jump to the new schedule view (see below).

Floor Schedule

And there you have it, a floor area schedule showing 67,500 SF total square feet. Now if Revit could only just interpret the zoning text for you…

Mass Floor Area Schedule