Curb Appeal

You may have noticed that there is no site or civil version of Revit; only Architecture, MEP & Structure. Having said that, you may also notice that there is no curb tool in Revit Architecture. Follow along below to see how to make a curb using two different methods – the quick method yielding flat results or the time and file size consuming method yielding true curb and height differences. The two options really depend on how much time you have to complete the project, the slope of your site and where you will position the camera. If you know that the camera is going to be close enough that you will see the curb height change then it might be worth the extra effort, otherwise keep it simple. I will post the hard way in the next post.

First let’s make a site with a decent slope. Go to the site plan view and draw a rectangle that is 50′ x 50′ using the Detail Lines; this is just for our reference and you should delete it when you are done.

50' x 50' Rectangle

Go to the Massing & Site tab and click on topography. Add 4 points over the corners of the rectangle that you just made. Select the 2 points on the right and change the elevation to 10′. Now our site has a slope.

Sloped Surface

Under the same Massing & Site tab, create a subregion. Draw a rectangle that is 20′ x 8′ (this could be a simple parking lot island). Fillet the corners with a 2′ radius using the Fillet Arc tool (no knives required).

Select all of the lines you just created, including the arcs and copy them by pressing CTRL-C (not the copy tool from the ribbon). Keeping the copy option on, offset the lines out 6″. Finish the sketch by clicking the green check. Create another subregion that has the same exact boundary as the inner ring of the subregion you just created. I would say to use the pick lines tool, but apparently you cannot pick lines with subregions, so we will paste in the lines from the previous sketch that we just copied. Under the Modify | Edit Boundary tab, click the down arrow under Paste and choose ¬†Aligned to Current View. You must still be in the site plan view for this to work. This will paste the exact sketch lines into this subregion so there is no need to redraw it all. Finish the sketch.

Now for the materials. Go to the Properties pallet, select the topography itself and change its material to Site – Asphalt. Select the inner subregion and chang its material to Site – Grass. Select the outer ring subregion and chang its material to any type of concrete material you desire.

And there you have it…a parking lot island.

Curb Appeal