About bimEVERYDAY…

Thanks for checking out my new Revit based site. The goal of this site it to bring to light any sort of problem that I came across in Revit and explain how I solved or just worked around it. I also post tutorials and helpful tips in Revit. The format of this site is less a project-based run-through, but the EVERYDAY issues that I come across in BIM. Hence the name… bimEVERYDAY! I would have picked RevitEverday but I did not want to get sued so I stuck with BIM. Also BIM is a shorter word and looks better on the header.

Each tutorial is written in  a way so that you can follow along and maybe even learn something. They are short enough so you won’t get bored and check your Facebook halfway through; yet detailed enough so that you are not wasting your time when you could just be checking your Facebook. My theory is, if whatever you are doing in Revit, you could do it in just plain CAD, then you are doing it all wrong. I don’t believe that everything you do in Revit must be in 3D, but it should just be more efficient than using CAD; because if it’s not, then what’s the point? For example, if you know that you are never going to create a rendering of your bathroom, why bother with 3D geometry? If you have a 60 story building with that same toilet repeating over and over, that surely is a huge amount of extra data wasted for no gain. Keep it simple and efficient.

Feel free to use the search feature for a specific topic that you may need help with. If you need to make a  curb, just search “curb.” If you are having trouble generating mass floor schedules, then just search “mass floor schedule.” If your search comes up empty, then let me know what you were looking for in the comments and I will try to address it in my next post. Be sure to subscribe to my email updates so that you never miss a beat.

I hope this site helps you in your everyday Revit needs and if it doesn’t, then just let me know in a comment or contact me below. Also, everything on here is only my opinion and that does not necessarily mean that it is the best way for you or your office. I can only express what has worked best for me and my colleagues.

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