Parametric Escalator – Revit Tutorial

Can an escalator really break? If it stops working, it will just turn into stairs. Albeit, stairs that are not to code, but they are stairs. I also wonder where each step goes when it gets to the top or bottom? It just sort of gets really flat and then disappears.

What does that have to do with Revit? Nothing. So follow along and learn how to make a parametric escalator that will take you from here all the way up to the 13th floor and beyond!

The key to making this all work is the create the pieces of the escalator (railings, steps, & the base) as separate families, and nest them all together. This will minimize amount of time and guesswork, and also reduce the file size of the family. I also make the geometry of the family extremely simple, so we can keep the bloat down, and speed up our modeling time. But it has just enough information to give you a good sense of the space requirements for the escalator.

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Parametric Escalator – Revit Tutorial

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