Parametric Window Family

Creating window families in Revit can be a daunting task. We often just use the standard window families that come with Revit to save time or we are just not sure how to create them. We draw our own windows in CAD, so why would we not do it in Revit? I want to break down the barrier of creating custom content for your projects and save you time in the long run. This is your company and livelihood, don’t just boil it down to, “yeah that fixed window family looks good enough.” Sure this will be time consuming at first, but once your library of parametric windows is complete, your speed and efficiency will be greatly increased. The custom parameters allow us to repeatedly use the same geometry, but change the sizes to suit our current needs.

Over the next few weeks, I will be creating a series of parametric window family tutorials, each tutorial in the series being more complicated than the last. This way, I hope that everyone can build upon the skills that they learned in the previous video. The first video will teach you how to create a simple rectangular window that you can change the width and height independently.

Parametric Window Family

3 thoughts on “Parametric Window Family

  1. Benson says:

    Hey bro really good video here I learnt lots from you keep it up man but just one question here after i load my window to my project, i cant see my windows in plan view unlike yours may i know how to change that?


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