Create Plan Views from Existing Levels

If you use the create level tool, every time you place a new level in an elevation you will create a new plan view and reflected ceiling plan view. If you copy the level object in an elevation, you will only create the level and will not create any floor plan views. This may seem annoying but I like to see the glass as half full. If you simply copy levels, you can create levels without bogging down your file or filling up your project browser with needless views when you are in the preliminary design phases of your project. Works great if you are working on a 50 story building and do not need to show every single floor.

If you delete a floor plan VIEW or reflected ceiling plan VIEW from the project browser, you will NOT delete the actual level from the file. To delete the level in its entirety, go to an elevation and select the unwanted level and delete it.

Don’t despair, we can get the plan views back from the other universe if they have been erased or never existed. Go to the View tab > Create panel and click on plan views. Check the levels you would like to create a plan view from and hit OK. Go to any elevation view and take note of the colors of the levels – black means that there is not a plan view created while blue means that there is a plan view created.

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Create Plan Views from Existing Levels

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