Curb Appeal 2

This post is a continuation of the previous post, Curb Appeal, but just a more time consuming method. Creating curbs using the method described in the easy way is good enough for site plan drawings and renderings that are far enough away that a great level of detail in the height of the curb is not necessary, but when your camera is close enough to your building, you may want to add more detail and height to the curb.

Before you go crazy, don’t bother looking for the curb tool on the site tab (or any other tab), there isn’t one; we will make our curb by using a roof. First things first, create a new project. Go to the site plan view and create a 50′ x 50′ rectangle using the Detail Line on the Annotate tab. You cannot type in the exact dimensions while creating the rectangle, so just make it any size and change the dimensions after by clicking on a vertical line and type 50′ in the temporary dimension and then a horizontal line and type 50′ in the temporary dimensions. This rectangle is only for our reference and can be deleted after the topo surface is complete.

50' x 50' Rectangle

Under the Massing & Site tab, Model Site panel, create a Toposurface. Add a point at each of the corners of the rectangle so that you end up with 4 points total. Press Escape twice or click Modify to end the command.

Select the 2 points on the right and change their elevation to 10′ in the options bar, just under the ribbon. If you did it correctly, you should see 9 vertical lines appear, each line being a contour line at 1′-0″ intervals as seen below. Now we have a slope to our site. Click the big green check to finish the sketch.

Sloped Surface

Go to the site plan view. Under the Home tab > Build panel, click on the Roof > Roof by Footprint button which will bring you into sketch mode. You may get a notice that your are drawing the roof on the lowest level, change it to Level 1 and hit Yes.

Draw a rectangle that is 20′ x 8′ (this could be a simple parking lot island). Press Esc twice. Again, you will have to change the temporary dimensions: click a vertical line and change the dimension to 20′, click a horizontal line and change the dimension to 8′. Fillet the corners with a 2′ radius using the Fillet Arc tool (this button has a vertical and horizontal line connected by a blue arch. You must check the Radius box on the options bar (just under the ribbon) and type in 2′.

Use a window selection to select all of the magenta sketch lines, including the curves – they will all turn blue once selected. Un-check the box next to Defines Slope so that the roof will be completely flat (no slope). You can also find the Defines slope in the property pallet. If you did this correctly, all of those little triangles will disappear.

Press Escape to deselect everything and click on the Edit Type button. Click on Duplicate next to the Type. Rename it to Curb 6″. Click the Edit… button next to Structure, this will open the Edit Assembly dialogue.

Under the Material column, change the material to Concrete – Cast in Place Concrete. You should see a little box with 3 dots appear when you click on the <By Category>, this will bring up the Material browser, and select Concrete – Cast-in-Place Concrete. Hit OK to bring you back to the Edit Assembly dialogue box. Under the Thickness column, change change the value to 8″. Hit OK to close the Edit Assembly. Hit OK again to close the Type Properties. Finish the sketch. Note: although we are making a 6″ curb, we are making the thickness of the roof material 8″ so that we can ensure that are are no gaps between the topo surface and the curb.

Go to the default 3D view by clicking on the house on the quick access toolbar or {3D} in the Project Browser. Select the roof, and the ribbon will automatically switch to Modify | Roofs. Click on Modify sub components. You may have to orbit the view to see the roof/curb. Note: If you don’t see the Modify Sub Elements, then your roof still has a slope, see above for how to remove the slope from the roof.

For every point of the roof sketch line there will green box. Select one of those boxes (not a line), and two green up/down arrows will pop up. Click on “Front” on the View Cube. Drag the up arrow up, until it is at the same height as the Toposurface (I.E. 0″ above the site). Now drag it up again another 6″.

Orbit the view again so you can pick another point. Select a point and then click on “Front” on the View Cube again and repeat the process. Do this for all of the points until the roof object is 6″ above the Toposurface. Repeat this process for each point (drag the point to 0″ above the site and then up 6″), until all points are 6″ above the site. If you accidentally click away from the roof or hit escape, you will exit out of sub element mode; just select the roof again and then click on Modify sub elements and continue the process.

You may notice that the curves of the roof don’t look so great. Select the roof again and go to the Modify | Roofs tab and click on Add Point (see the image above for the button). Hover your pointer over the midpoint of the curve all you will see the magenta triangle appear indicating that you are snapping to the midpoint and click to put the point right on the midpoint. If you are having trouble hitting the midpoint, right click, go to Snap Overrides > Midpoints. Drag the new point down 6″ in the same way as before. Add a new point at the rest of the midpoints of the curves and drag them all down to 6″ above the Toposurface. This will never look exactly perfect because our slope is so steep – you can add more points if you are so inclined, but the benefit is minimal and the time spent is great.

Select the roof/curb and press CTRL-C to copy it to the clipboard (don’t use the copy tool). Go to the Modify tab > Clipboard panel and click Paste > Aligned to Same Place. This will put a copy of our roof in the exact same place as the original.

We have two exact same roofs, but we need to cut a hole out of one of them so we will be left with a 6″ curb along the outside. We will also have to trim the other curb down by 6″ as to reveal the curb and show grass on the inside.

Go to the “top” view of the 3D view. You can do this by clicking on the TOP of the view cube. Go to the Home tab > Opening panel, and click Vertical. Click on one of the roofs (it does not matter at this point) and the ribbon will switch to Modify | Openings.

On the right side of the ribbon, click on the pick lines tool (the button with the pointer over the green line). On the options bar, change the offset to 6″. Hover your pointer over the edge of the roof and position the pointer slightly to the inside of the roof so you see the dashed line on the inside appear. Because of the complex geometry of our roof object, using the tab key will not give you a continuous chain of lines and you will have to individually select each segment until your sketch lines match the image below. Finish the sketch when you are done. You may or may not get a warning about the thickness of the roof, just ignore it if you do.

Roof offset with pick lines

Now, let’s trim down the other roof by 6″ as to reveal the curb. While still in the TOP view, select the roof without the opening. Use the tab tab key to highlight the roofs, and look for the roof that only highlights around the outside of it being that there is no hole in the middle.

Roof Select

Click on Edit Footprint after you have made your selection – you are now in sketch mode. Click on the Offset tool (left image). In the options bar, type in 6″ for the offset. And right next to where you type in the offset, click on Copy to un-check it – this will remove the original set of lines.

Offset Tool

Hover your pointer over one of the existing magenta sketch lines, but position it so it is slightly toward the inside of the roof – you should see a blue dashed line appear toward the inside of the roof. Keeping the pointer in the same spot, press the tab and all of the magenta lines will turn to blue (as seen in the image below). Click once and the roof object will be 6″ smaller around all four sides (as seen in the second image below). In the Properties pallet, change the Base Offset From Level to 1.5″. This will make our grass section appear to be slightly higher than the curb. Finish the sketch.

Roof trimSelect the toposurface and change its material to Site – Asphalt under the Properties pallet. Select the inner roof and change its material to Site – Grass by: select the roof, click on Edit Type on the Properties pallet, click Duplicate, rename it to Grass curb, click the edit button next to Structure, under the material column change the value to Site – Grass. Hit OK a few times to get back to the drawing window.

Finished Curb

And there you have it, a detailed parking lot island with a real 6″ curb height.

Curb Appeal 2

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